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Adetutu’s Corner: The Bulb in my Head

THE BULB IN MY HEAD   I like to imagine that my head has a light bulb that comes on whenever I get an idea and shines extra bright depending on how great the idea is. Well, don’t blame me – I watched a lot of cartoons while I was growing up which made me think so. To be honest, I am not so pumped about writing this anymore, because I think I am losing the fire, but I shall continue. Growing up, you want to be a lot of…

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I’ve heard and seen many cite several reasons why they can’t write. They prefer relying much on others and less on the ability. Some speak of the fears of imperfection and rejection. While reading more on how to allay their fears and perhaps provide contents to strengthen their mind, I stumbled on the words of Kunle Aotiku which states that “As a good writer the very first place to browse for information is one’s mind. The kind of information that makes a writer to be celebrated comes from within”. And…

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