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SPONSORED: I feel dark skinned people have always suffered discrimination

During an Interview with IABNP, Adeleye Omowonuola Abisola, a final year Economics student at the European University in Turkey revealed how she battled prejudice on her skin colour to build one of the fastest growing Companies in Nigeria (Naturalle Hair).  Find out what she has to say about being black. Please can we meet you? My name is Omowonuola Adeleye. I was born and raised in Nigeria; Ogun state to be precise. I relocated 4 years ago where I now study and run my business. I’m in my fourth year…

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Poetry: If the black don’t forgive, there would be war forever

IF BLACK If the black don’t forgive there would be war forever if we don’t forget blood would paste our road if the black don’t believe to build faith admits molestation if they don’t………….. no white would walk alive   If the black don’t forget how they hang our fore fathers if we don’t forgive how they forcefully take our inheritance if we don’t believe in freedom and be ready to spill our blood if the past is not past no white would thread on our land   If the…

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