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Fiction: The Peace the Crown Stole

The peace the crown stole, he wore like a medal; a reward for the hard years. He hadn’t a care in the world who offered it as long as he had it. It was the most valuable thing he had next to his mental capacity which he discovered was larger than he was made to believe by people around, by himself. Before he died he had called me and told me his life’s tale and as he did; he looked up at the paintings of Jesus and his disciples at…

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Roles of Leaders in the Theatre of Conflict, War and Peace on African Socio-Political, and Cultural Stages

  Roles of Leaders in the Theatre of Conflict, War and Peace on African Socio-Political, and Cultural Stages Abstract Africa has long been the parole of conflicts, war, terrorism, et cetera, in the extensive langue of the whole world’s conflict. Consequently, this essay proposes to suggest policies and considerations that can effect and sustain peace in Africa, drawing from instances and causes of conflicts across the continent. Keywords: Africa, Nigeria, West, Southern, Northern, Conflict, Security, Peace, Leadership.   The Theatre of Conflict and the Role of Leadership in Africa “Conflict.”…

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Africa Global News News 

Zimbabwean Policewoman wins UN’s World Female Police Peacekeeper Award

Zimbabwean Assistant Inspector of Police Annah Chota has been named the recipient of the 2017 International Female Police Peacekeeper award for her service and achievements. She won the award at the International Women and Law Enforcement Conference in Cairns, Australia on Monday. The UN described Ms Choto as phenomenal and lauded her impact in the communities through training workshops and campaigns. She was said to have contributed to a shift in how communities deal with rape, domestic violence, child marriages and forced marriages, by recognising rape of a wife by…

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Opinions Poetry 


  Let us pray that our nation be piloted in fear of Jehovah’s ways, that our youths be not fooled by vanity of mischievous fame, that our leaders do not trap our funds within private gates nor from their duties slip and turn away.   Oh let us pray, may our cities be not razed by selfish flames, and the people say ‘In Jesus’ name’ amen!   Let us pray that our land be fruitful like a palm by Jordan way, that the workers of iniquity would not have us…

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