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Papa, where were you? when we Trekked to school; no sandals nor shoes

    PAPA WHERE WERE YOU (To all run-away Fathers)   For the years we were fed with hunger And starved with food, For the years we celebrated Christmas With mere white rice Having no single touch of stew Papa, where were you?   Where were you when for miles We trekked to school, Paraded the coal mines Barefooted; no sandals nor shoes   My uniforms were worn out New ones mama couldn’t brew My classmates ditched out Threads of mockery, and made me a spool It was unbearable So…

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Creative Writings Motivational Non-Fiction 

FORECLOSURE: Never You Say You Understand When You Have Not Been There

  WHEN LOSS HAPPENS; Have you ever felt like your heart is being ripped from your chest? You want to cry but the tears are too heavy to fall. Then you wonder if it’s all some kind of test or its just you or the pain is also felt by the rest. Even then, how could anyone understand how you feel? its surreal nature makes you wish to wake up to the reality your heart wants to believe but your head is telling you something totally different. Every second feels…

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Opinions Poetry 


  Oh! My beauty, Like a mirage you’ve gone, Once adorned byall, And once loved by all. The street men would come and go, I thought I own the world, But now that I’m old, They have all gone. Where is my fame? It’s gone because I’ve lost a good name, Oh! What a shame I have to bear. Does beauty comes with pain? A question I ask every now and then. It’s like a mirage, And it’s gone.   What then is beauty? Walking on three legs? On my…

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