Business and Economy Startups 

Nigeria’s Yesharvest launches agri-commerce platform

Nigerian startup Yesharvest has launched a zero-inventory e-commerce platform for fresh farm produce that allows users to purchase from farmers. Founder Nwosu Friday started testing the Yesharvest concept in August of last year, and has since tested several business models before last month adopting a standardised per-kilogramme pricing model. The platform aggregates demand directly from consumers and supplies directly from farmers each week. “This enables us to eliminate the series of middlemen that characterise typical distribution channels for farm produce in Nigeria,” Friday said. “By collapsing the distribution channels, we are able…

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Business and Economy 

PayU launches new service to advance Nigeria’s cashless economy

Online payment solution platform, PayU has announced the launch of a new service called PayU Receive. According to the company, the new product will allow businesses in Nigeria to securely request and receive payments directly from their customers without any hassles. PayU Receive is a payment solution that facilitates business-to-business and business-to-consumer payments via email or SMS. It allows businesses to make use of PayU’s payment services by allowing them to send payment requests via email or SMS to their customers. Customers then have the flexibility of paying via their…

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Nigeria’s Kitovu helps farmers improve yields, access markets

Nigerian agri-tech startup Kitovu has a dual purpose, to help farmers increase their crop yields while providing them with access to markets. The Kitovu platform uses geo-location to match soils with the right crops, with chief executive officer (CEO) Nwachinemere Emeka telling Disrupt Africa this helped farmers increase yields. At the same time, through its produce offtaker network, it creates guaranteed markets for farmers. “The sad reality is that, at present, agriculture practiced by most smallholder farmers in Nigeria is survivalist in nature. Most of them, even though they would love to,…

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Africa News 

UN Allocates $13.4m to Support 1 Million People in Nigeria

The United Nations, through the Nigeria Humanitarian Fund, has allocated $13.4 million to help thousands of children, women and men in need of urgent humanitarian assistance in crisis-hit north-east Nigeria. The humanitarian emergency in the northeastern Nigeria is one of the most severe in the world today, with 8.5 million people in need of life-saving aid in 2017 in the worst-affected states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe. The Nigeria Humanitarian Fund (NHF) allocation will help address this devastating situation by financing 24 projects in the sectors of protection, nutrition, water…

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Press Release: Book Launch of “Quills from Africa 30: Long Walk to Home” and the Freedom Magazine Second Edition.

    Press Release: Book Launch of “Quills from Africa 30: Long Walk to Home” and the Freedom Magazine Second Edition. They told us that Nigerians are the worst of Africa, so we told them our own stories. Hatfield, Pretoria, 30th of November 2017     Today it’s Libya, it was xenophobia and death for 26 Nigerian women who attempted to cross the ocean, now buried in Italy. There is only anger and hate for this black nation, we have given Africa the bad name it bears. That’s how the news…

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Four dead, others injured as gas explosion rocks Imo

Four people were on Monday confirmed dead after a gas cylinder exploded at a filling station in Orji, Owerri North local government area of Imo State. According to the police, several other customers who were buying fuel and other petroleum products were also seriously wounded in the explosion. The state Police Public Relations Officer, Andrew Enwerem, while confirming the incident, said investigations were ongoing to unravel the circumstances surrounding the explosion. He said: “We heard about the explosion in a popular petrol station around Orji and four people have been…

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Editorial Politics 

Exerting the change; Restructure this Feeding Bottle Federalism

This search for our national identity continues 103 years after amalgamation and almost six decades of independence. This torturous search; Searching for Nigeria among Nigerians can be described by the pessimist as passing the camel through the eye of a needle. Why wouldn’t it? Self-inflicting, we continue to deliberately spurn the uncommon wisdom of Einstein, ‘that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results’. The explicit inference there is that achieving the promised change on which the ruling party rode to power, requires a…

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Africa Global News News 

Four British citizens kidnapped by Nigerian militants

  Four British citizens rendering humanitarian services,has being reported to be kidnapped by suspected Nigerian Militants in Buruntu area of Delter,on 13 October.    The victims of which two are couples, has being rendering free medical services and religious activities for some time in the area.   The abduction was confirmed by the police spokesperson  Andrew Aniamaka of local sun daily news outlet reports of Delta state, to have happened on 13th October.   According to the spokesperson, The Britons had not informed  the local authorities of their presence in…

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Education Essays Opinions 

Opinion: Nigeria, Education remains the best legacy

  ​A scholar once said that ‘Education is the best legacy’. However, In Nigeria, can we make such a conclusion? Do we totally give in to such proposition and theory? Are we really after education or talents? Are educational knowledge immaculate to us or a mere caricature? Do we even doff our hats for the academics amongst us? Or are we more attuned to talents against the need for proper education?   Today’s Nigeria has relegated Education to the background. It is indeed abysmal that children of today aren’t as sound…

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Africa Editorial Opinions 

Editorial Opinion: Defying the Challenges, Nigeria @57

  Half a century plus seven, there is little to be pomp about. Maybe it is because; the dreams of independence are still wishes. For Nigeria, let wishes be horses so the people can ride. The charade recycles again, a presidential speech in the morning, telling the disenchanted masses that government is working and Nigeria is making snail progress. While this “all things under control” is been acted on October 1, the country gently continues to implode. According to the National Bureau of Statistics Report, unemployment rate for Q4 of…

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