Opinion: In the Shackles of the Government

Indeed disheartening when Nigerians are restricted to some positions in the country and access are just to some. Some position never need advertisement. If need be, employment of the employee  will definitely precede the awareness of the public. Some days ago, I was resting my back on my pouch when thoughts about Nigeria’s graduate suddenly flooded my mind. This, denied me sleep for I continued to envisage the matter. Why are graduates treated with contempt; image of one I last saw came into sight. He was putting on an oversize…

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South Sudan Government demands release of detainees

  The South Sudanese government has demanded that the 14 persons that were abducted last week by rebel forces be released. The forces loyal to former first vice president Riek Machar in a statement confirmed that they have the 14 in detention and they were all soldiers but the government in contrary to this, said only four out of those people were commissioners and Mayors with their bodyguard and to the rest are all community youth. The state government said the opposition forces loyal to Riek Machar knew of the…

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Public Institutions in Nigeria: An Analogy of Sanyeri

I had walked into a very good pharmacy. They had drugs that were very good and even when you get there, you wouldn’t have a cause to doubt their abilities at providing qualitative service at all. That brings me to reminisce of August. I had a cough that was straining my voice. It wasn’t giving me the peace my throat deserved so for that reason I decided to get a drug owing to persuasion. As I opened it, at the pack’s lid, I saw: “Pray for Nigeria” and was wondering…

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The Secretary to Ondo State Government, Hon. Ifedayo Abegunde on Tuesday reacted to conflicting reports in the social media on the Government’s resolution during the closed door meeting held with the Labour leaders.   Several social media platforms circulated reports that the Ondo State Government promised to pay workers the remaining 20 per cent of the outstanding salary by the August 2017.   Hon. Ifedayo described those reports has baseless and unfounded, adding that the Government promised to only pay the 20 per cent salary arrears when it is financially…

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  Before I wish Workers a ‘Happy Day‘, I want to send a succinct message to all those who claim to be LEADERS.   Hello Leaders out there! It is a new year for workers in Nigeria. I believe you must have delivered another custom message to workers today. It’s okay. We are used to it and I’m sure the workers wouldn’t be looking forward to hear them.   A stunning situation of a street which we call ‘Civil Servant Street’ in my area propelled me to write this today….

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