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Discipline Series: PART IV Financial Discipline

DISCIPLINE SERIES: PART IV FINANCIAL DISCIPLINE   This has to do with the way one spends. The question to ask yourself here is:  (1) How do you spend? (2) What do you buy? (3) Why must you buy? Before a person can spend you need to have a scale of preference. A scale of preference is the arrangement of things according to its importance. Before you buy anything, you should have a list of what you want to buy stating clearly the purpose for the spending. Having the scale of…

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5 Smart Ways To Save Money As A Student

As students, we believe we can never get enough from our parents, but the truth is, some of us do not know how to manage our finances. Here are some simple tricks which you can use to save some little cash as a student.   HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT When you have more cash, you will be tempted to spend it, maybe on eateries, cloths and so many more. It might even get stolen. So having a bank account is the safest way to save money. It is also important…

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