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Mama invested Everything in you but you still failed her

  MAMA SAID Mama had lost her husband years ago immediately you were born. You lost your two siblings to an unknown disease that broke out in your small community, but God singled you out. Mama suffered, shuffling between taking care of you and hunting for people to get money from in order to send you to the Community Primary School. During the rainy season, mama always stood and watched you sleep, because every other place in the hut was leaking. In the morning, she was always the first person…

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Success is a feeling of great achievement or accomplishment. It is a virtue of conquerors and champions, the apparel of men and women of valour. It is a thing that is desired by 99.9% of the peoples of the world. Everyone plan to succeed, you would hear people say things like “I want to become a successful Entrepreneur” , “A Successful Lawyer”, “A Successful Farmer”, “A Successful Banker, Economist etc. Who is a Successful Person? Well, there is really no general accepted parameter or criteria to determine who a successful…

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