Public Institutions in Nigeria: An Analogy of Sanyeri

I had walked into a very good pharmacy. They had drugs that were very good and even when you get there, you wouldn’t have a cause to doubt their abilities at providing qualitative service at all. That brings me to reminisce of August. I had a cough that was straining my voice. It wasn’t giving me the peace my throat deserved so for that reason I decided to get a drug owing to persuasion.

As I opened it, at the pack’s lid, I saw: “Pray for Nigeria” and was wondering what prayer has got to do with it being attached to a cough syrup. I felt it could have been somewhere else and not necessarily on that. Could Nigeria be coughing? I asked and yes,I responded in a soliloquy. It was good to have placed that there but it got me startled as I haven’t come across it before. Our country is coughing and it definitely does need prayers. To add, the syrup was great and it did the job perfectly.

I sometimes choose to let institutions, humans, or any other material that I intend to write about remain anonymous especially when they’re under my fire of the pen. I feel for the citizenry who might as well want to have a taste of what the situation is like out there,go experience it themselves. I could speak up to anyone who ask for my opinion and nevertheless would I keep quiet when it’s very very obvious that the balderdash being spewed by these institutions, body or establishments, individuals needs to be addressed publicly. I could bring their dirty linen to the fore. That’s a private decision for me really and could choose whatsoever medium I deem fit.

I’ve seen madness on the streets and everywhere and the thing about it is this, firstly, it could be self-inflicted. Secondly, it could be inflicted on an individual by anyone either the person did what was displeasing and the intention is to make the individual suffer whatever deed that was done. Thirdly, mad people have no shame. They could expose their privates to the world. They don’t care. This is because they’ve lost their minds. I liken these institutions, or what have you to madness.

One can be so engrossed looking at mad people but you wouldn’t ever wished it for anyone particularly for those you love. As I was conversing with someone about how a wardrobe of mine could be fixed, the individual said: “the plank I have here and was able to get by sheer luck was given to me by one of the Carpenters that came to work in our surrounding. They fixed the lodge practically for the foreign students“.

So again I asked: “do you mean the so-called foreign students’ rooms are better than the rest students?“. The individual said: “Yes” trying to describe where the hostel was to me. I kept wondering what the whole nonsense was. Irrespective of my color,I was foreign. As long as I acquired a degree outside of the shores. The administration is totally devilish. Does it mean those who don’t have foreign degrees should kill themselves? Why give the exquisite to “foreigners” alone?

Nigerians going to school abroad and then coming back, does that automatically mean they’re foreigners? Why wouldn’t we just take out time to praise our very own? Many students have been in that hall for long and they aren’t enjoying what these so called “foreigners” are enjoying now. It is highly detestable, questionable and an extinction prone activity.

Sooner or later, our own very space would not make sense. Nothing! We wouldn’t think of ours at all but whatever foreign culture that may be brought in. I’m not saying a foreign degree isn’t superb. It is no doubt excellent, unparalleled but the fact still remains that we shouldn’t worship others at the expense of our own. Some institutions are towing this line.

Just like a writer once affirmed that, that school was lapsing into intellectual irrelevance due to their comportment at trying to side the individual they regarded as one of their own. The academic threw caution to the wind thereby making decorum to be a sort after thing instead of something which we think is meant to be innate.

Go to these institutions and you’ll know that the employees, are comfortably laid back on their services. A trial will convince anyone. There’s too much of a rot. Our politicians will send their children abroad and the most amazing thing is almost all of them bag first class degrees. I haven’t come across a situation where any of their children got 2:1 or say 2:2. They must be super brilliant I think. What planet are these children from,I wouldn’t know myself.

The systems are of all of a joke. The hospitals and other facilities you say, are they any better? Here you see a situation where the president can afford to eat the wealth of Nigerians like a termite. They are a kind of very destructive elements and their lifestyle is commonplace. They keep themselves in foreign hospitals while the ones here in Nigeria are experiencing a downturn.

Yet, again, unnecessary voyage by all and sundry saying: “I’ll like to visit the UK and see how the country’s leader is fairing”. They kept globetrotting like it’s their personal money that went into it. The suffering is much on one side and sadly enough,the suffering never really gets to them because they’ve stuffed and amassed wealth for generations yet unborn. And then later, they throw up the excesses.

Ask those who once drank to stupor if what was spewed on the floor ever made meaning or was it ever useful. Nigeria is sliding into unseriousness. In fact, you’ll need more than the 24 elders to speak on how to turn the tables around. Our infrastructures are in a complete pity being handled by nondescript individuals. Chop and clean mouth. Pick yours make I enter take turn. Ruins ruins everywhere! Are there ways out? Yes! I’ll reel out just a few.

Firstly, the excesses of these institutions should be checked and provisions be made to curb them by laws that are enacted to correct these anomalies.

Secondly, let these people who create them use these facilities. As a Government, you build universities and trade it to us like a prince or princess on a Horse and then you in turn send your children outside the shores to study or what have you. That’s highly unthinkable. When they use these facilities, they’ll know what is left and how to better the system.

Thirdly, do unto others what you would have them to do you.

Fourthly, let Nigeria be placed on a better pedestrian. There are better ways to view or perceive our country and not on the corruptible mud slide. These and many more are required greatly to shapen the nation.

For as many who are no strangers to Nollywood, especially of the Yoruba fabric and genre, Sanyeri typifies that character of the comedy circles. A very skillful man who entertains us so perfectly and you laugh out so loud. Our very own Oyo extraction. So therefore, the title of this writeup stemed from a conspicuous indication of an avalanche of shenanigans who loud and dominate our space, the Government and other spheres connected to it.

The focus is summed up to mean that all and everything that happens within that space is all of a joke. Unless there’s a diversionary train, the ugly episode would always be the same.




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