Opinion: Nigeria, Education remains the best legacy


​A scholar once said that ‘Education is the best legacy’. However, In Nigeria, can we make such a conclusion? Do we totally give in to such proposition and theory? Are we really after education or talents? Are educational knowledge immaculate to us or a mere caricature? Do we even doff our hats for the academics amongst us? Or are we more attuned to talents against the need for proper education?
Today’s Nigeria has relegated Education to the background. It is indeed abysmal that children of today aren’t as sound as their predecessors. Very easy, this is bore out from the present economic situation of the country that has led many into proprietors and proprietress roles, without the requisite passion for the sector. They wreck havoc on the beautiful future of their students by employing an O ‘level holder to teach secondary students just because of their own self interest.
While reading  biography about some great men in recent weeks,I learnt that some academic celebrities of today wrote their West African Examination(WAEC) about five to six times before they made it but if one writes this same examination twice in this present generation and luck keeps hiding,one will be traumatized. No reason why our examination centres have been become cheating centers.
Another challenge is the inappropriate policies stemming from bad leadership. This is the thread that is creating divergence between education and politics now in Nigeria. Most rules are now passed into law just to uphold political desires.  One of such, is a system whereby an examination to be taken by a secondary school certificate holder seeking admission to a university will have its cut off point to be 120 out of 400. It is Unfortunate! How could such a policy be adopted? in fact, Nigeria education is in total discombobulation. Although Southern Nigeria is still the most active region in Nigeria when we talk education, it is gobsmacked when a Northern man spearheads education in Nigeria,giving rules benefitting his region and subjugating the power of education over here which evasively is affecting the whole population generally.
Also, something always popped up my thoughts when we were young back then; the back view of our school exercise and notebooks were jam-packed with different academic related issues and things to know like shapes, formulas, multiplication tables, unknown facts, rhymes and flash fictions. But now, those good things have been replaced with pictures of footballers,not even Nigerian; unclad women and other unrelated things.
This worrying trend, negates all optimisim of tomorrow’s future amd disbowels this cliché ‘ the young shall grow’. Grow to be ill mannered and trained or what? A serious issue to be addressed and a case to be greatly studied.
In fact, it slaps my conscience to remember my dad’s line which says’ Except ones wisdom is opened,ones life can never experience progression’. Our brothers and sisters in higher institutions of learning, will beckon on celebrities singing raunchily and dressing provocatively to campuses to entertain them. This fanaticism for celebrity drop outs, leads to a clear drop in standard both mentally and educationally leading to a disallignment in relationship with their cerebral seniors in academics.
Although, all this aforementioned brouhaha about Nigeria’s education imbroglio is a river that streams from the government. I hold them responsible for Nigeria’s massacre of our education. The budget for education keeps dwindling every year in comparison with that of Ghana or South Africa. Unlike 2015,eleven(11) percent of the budget was allocated for education which later peter out in 2016 to eight(8) percent and again deteriorated in 2017. Still, population of students keep increasing every year. Then whose fault? And this did not just happen but because of the prejudice motif they inherent because of their sons and daughters aren’t schooling here. They prefer to catapult students life and this, convincingly,is affecting the progress of the country.
Finally, a big NO is the best fit to answer the questions aforementioned in the first paragraph. Now in Nigeria,the best legacy is the TALENT not education. Government has disguised for us the legacy. The  government have played the Piper, and surely, students have started to call the tune. 

Written by Peter Temitope Aluko, News Correspondent at Core Magazine Africa


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