Now that you’re back, Mr President

It’s been a long time since you’re away. In the real sense, it is longer than a maternity leave in some institutions yet you never gave birth to any lest we point to what we lost while you were away.

Mr President, while you were away, it was a rough and tough time for your Vice President as he struggled with the National Assembly. Decision making was tough and important decisions were stalled thanks to your absence.

Mr President, I need to remind you that we had Ozubulu killing while you were away and till now, the suspect(s) are still at large and the only thing you could meet was the burial of the faithful worshippers who died unexpectedly.

We had many versions of your sickness that left us to conclude you will never come back or better still, you will remain dumb to act but you proved us wrong yesterday.

There were criticisms on the budget of the Aso Rock Clinic which despite the huge amount you still prefer London and turned it to a tourist centre.

Need I remind you of the obvious and loud Resume or Resign Protest that turned anti-democratic for the likes of the Oputa who were disgraced and disbanded by ‘our’ Police Force.

Mr President, as much as I have refrained from criticisms, I need to remind you that Abuja House in London is the more advanced and more crowded tourist centre your administration has ever created.

Mr President, ASUU went on strike few days before your arrival leaving students to a point of avoidable pause in the pursuit of knowledge.

Mr President, we arrested the richest kidnapper in Nigeria history and he is having a nice time in custody while awaiting trial.

But now, you’re back…

Kindly help see to the conflict in your administration. It became obvious that there are cabals as widely acclaimed and you will not deny that anyway.

Kindly help to see to the impending inter-tribal war that the North and the East have sworn to have. Nigeria is one and must be preserved with the contenders be appeased to.

Kindly see to our health sector and make it your next place to go for check up as we can make Abuja Aso Rock Clinic the tourist centre to save our naira.

Kindly see to ASUU urgently and see that students become engaged again and future are not delayed after all you alongside your party have professed to believe in the youth. Note that not all of ours can attend private universities or go outside like your children have been to get degree.

Kindly see to corruption, inflation and insecurity as this are pressing issues you have to attend to.

Mr President, those who killed the worshippers at Ozubulu must be brought to book.

Mr President, we have not forgotten Evans and he needs be brought to book before we forget him like we have always been.

Mr President, we need convictions and not internet trial of corrupt public officials.

Mr President, just like the leftovers of your voters still have hope that you are capable of offering your manifestoes, I join my faith with them as this remain my country and it must be better.




Gabriel is an astute Writer and Analyst. He is a Final Year Law student at Ekiti State University. He is also a Senior Editor at Core Magazine.

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I am the Founder and Executive Editor of Core Magazine. I hold a Bachelors Degree in History and International Studies from Bowen University. I am the Author of "DARE TO RESEARCH". I have written and published over 16 Academic Research Articles. I believe in an ideal that all persons irrespective of their race, class or status can influence the society with creative writings and constructive thoughts to the point where they can succeed and develop their skills to seize rare opportunities.

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