The NMA and the fight against quacks in the Medical Profession

The battle against quacks in the nation has been fought rigorously and yet the battle still appears hot. Lots of havoc have been caused by quacks as foods and drugs have sold out without meeting standards and getting prescription. In fact, many have been sent to early grave and many have got to manage the pain of the impact of quacks. But does quacks only exist in the food and drug sector or aspect of the nation? No, even the legal profession is also faced with the presence of quacks who have got themselves wig and gowns and have appeared as counsel for many years.
But how has the impact of quacks being checked?
For the food and drugs, NAFDAC as an agency of the federal government has been set up and have appeared to have put a check on the activities of quacks at least for a while or to an extent. For the legal profession, the introduction of stamps has to an extent being able to check who is really a counsel called to bar and qualified to practice and file papers.
What about the quacks of the medical personnel? The Nigerian Medical Association has just like the Nigerian Bar Association introduced the use of stamps with a view to putting a check on the prevalence of quacks in the nooks and cranny of the nationongoing towards health delivery through proper channel. 
But to what extent would the latter be significant? Would it be as active like that of the legal profession?
One of the things that need be tackled at first is the fact that most Nigerians do not even need doctor’s prescription or advice when having health challenges. For instance, a young child who has temperature must have malaria and first he must take Paracetamol and while symptoms persist, he must take ACTm drug and thereafter, the child is well. Now this would be used for subsequent situation that have such symptoms.
More so is the fact that there are many chemist who ‘learnt’ the job like a trade is learnt and hence opened without proper knowledge of the implication of their actions as long as sales are constant. The question is do people like the jobless and hungry chemist down the street cares for a stamp as long as money is involved?
The approach of stamp is good but will they suffer the delay that the legal profession has suffered? What would be the implication of their patients who need urgent prescription but is without a stamp? Would the stamps be more than that of the law profession as the medical personnel have more patients to attend to than a lawyer has more documents to file at a single shift? 
These are many more of fear that the stamps may introduce in the course of the fight against quacks. Until these fears are allayed and the possible hindrances are checked, it might only bring about difficulty in getting health delivery at ease and encourage more quacks who will sabotage the sale of drugs without the need of stamps or even prescription.

Written by Gabriel Omoniyi

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