Key findings from AP investigation of UN sex abuse in DRC


News24 – Sunday 24th September, 2017


Bunia –  Here are key findings from the third installment of The Associated Press investigation into the UN’s peacekeeping crisis:

1. Democratic Republic of Congo, home to the United Nations’ largest and most expensive mission, had the highest number of abuse and exploitation allegations since 2004. Of the roughly 2 000 complaints made against the UN worldwide, more than 700 came from the resource-rich African country.

2. With rare exceptions, sex abuse victims interviewed by the AP in DRCC received no help. Instead, many were banished from their families for having mixed-race children – who also are shunned and have become a second generation of victims.

3. Although the AP found some 2 000 allegations against the UN, the number of cases could be significantly higher. Last year, for example, there were 145 allegations recorded, but 311 known victims.

4. Of the some 2000 allegations, about a quarter involved children. For some years, nearly half of the allegations involved minors. The alleged offenses included rape.

5. Despite reforms, sexual violence in DRC persists. So far this year, roughly one-third of the sexual abuse and exploitation allegations involving UN peacekeepers and personnel worldwide described events that occurred in DRC.

Source: News24

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