Opinion: In the Shackles of the Government

Indeed disheartening when Nigerians are restricted to some positions in the country and access are just to some. Some position never need advertisement. If need be, employment of the employee  will definitely precede the awareness of the public.

Some days ago, I was resting my back on my pouch when thoughts about Nigeria’s graduate suddenly flooded my mind. This, denied me sleep for I continued to envisage the matter. Why are graduates treated with contempt; image of one I last saw came into sight. He was putting on an oversize attire, the shoe had undergone different cobbler surgery, hair dirty and thick, all because of job seeking. I was ambivalent why these people are undergoing another facet of suffering after all they had faced in campuses. Sacrifice of one’s nights,as they battled with mosquitoes and bedbugs.With planned and impromptu prayers just before they were supplied electricity power to cook and charge their appliances. Now, another facet of suffering after a good four year of writhe in earthly hell all because of education.

Still, no help from the authorities, the only they could render are lies and deceit which inversely, instead of loosing graduates from the cross were nailed and persuading them to have a re-taste from the left over of the saviors ancient vinegar. Not enough, they are compelled to tread towards the gallows to experience another sweet call of pain to their ears. In fact, the graduates are not treated to compensate them, relief from the exacting pain they are experiencing from those blisters.
Perhaps, the government are not cognizance of this or they are trying to satisfy there are own desire by inflicting much pain on solitary ignorance souls.
Nevertheless, why are there  not vacancy for all in the government houses, and other prominent positions in Nigeria? Yet, every Federal Universities, polytechnics and colleges of education year in and out,release names of the first class degree students, second class degree students,and the likes. 
The questions are: are they not qualified to work there? Who are those that are recruited when it is not on the internet for all? Who are those with long fork chopping from Nigeria’s cake whose hands and fingers are unseen? Who are those operating in those serene environments? Are they ours? Our alumni or the aliens? 
There is need for a great deal of orientation for all and sundry. Education in Nigeria is starting to loose its vitality. A scholar ones said and I re-quote” the roots, stem and tree of education are bitter but the fruits are sweet”. Sorry, in Nigeria, both the root and the fruit are bitter for some Nigeria’s graduate.

Written by Peter Temitope Aluko, News Correspondent


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