Five African Bloggers I Admire and Why You Should Learn From Them

The rise of the internet has given us access to many contents and ideas, but not everyone actually exploits this to their advantage.

Well, that is not the case of some successful bloggers who have motivated and effected us with the rich contents that they consistently provide.

Here are 5 African bloggers that I admire and I look forward to reading their blogs every week. Hopefully this post will spur you to read their blogs too!



Not just because she is a woman, Linda inspires me not to give up on my struggles. She was working as a model, after which she started Today her blog is one of the biggest blogs in Africa.

Her story thought me that no matter how difficult life might be, I should never give up. Do what you love and reward will come later. I admire her courage and humility.



I admire, not just her but also her blog. If you are looking for a blog you can visit just to look at some loved up posts, then it is I admire the fact that she thought of creating something that will share people’s beautiful moments with the world. Her blog represents love and family.



You might be wondering why madam HNN made it to number three. I consider Kemi Africa’s most controversial blogger, I mean not everybody can completely talk about politicians and so many other powerful people without fear. As for me I love her for her courage. I also consider her a prophet because she speaks the truth.



I admire Ademola because his blog brings the spice to life. has become one of the largest music sites in Africa. Nothing much to say about ADEMOLA OGUNLADE. He is very humble and I love humble people.



Edith Ohaja is my lecturer, in fact she is not just a lecturer but also a guidance counselor. A mother to the University. If you are looking for a place to get your spiritual game on or get depression off your sleeves, visit You can also simply visit Edith Ohaja, her door is always open.



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