Fiction: Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder

The dirty mad woman at the junction leaped up and down with her dirty torn skirt. Swinging left to right, her half unclad protruding stomach bulging out. She cared less about what the world thought about her. In her eyes, they were the mad people. She jumped several times in front of a moving vehicle, and ran away laughing when the driver shouted at her.

She was pregnant for the third time, and each time she was due for delivery, she got missing. She always resurfaced months later with a baby doll, and good clothes. Everyone wondered who liked or enjoyed intimacy with her, but no one knew who really it was.

A lot had assumed she was used by men who sought juju money, while some had said well-cultured men were responsible for her pregnancy, but no one ever took notice of Ike; the mad man who walked around everyday picking spoilt waste at the refuge dump. During the day time, Nne, the mad woman, jumped to and fro, without moving around like others the same as her did, but during evening she had enough spoilt food to eat till the next day.

The fowl’s ‘yansh‘ was blown open on Valentine’s Day. People wore red, or added a touch of red to their respective work place or school throughout the day. In the evening Ike had picked some fresh hisbiscus flowers, waiting by the road side for Nne. When the cars were stacked on traffic, Ike knelt down and proposed to Nne, with pleading eyes, and spoilt food by his left hands. The crowd at the junction, stood amazed in wonders and laughed. After that, he took her on his back not minding if she was heavy with a baby, and walked around the whole junction laughing and playing.

Whoever would have thought that, Nne and Ike would ever be attracted to each other. The saying “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” was indeed proven true.



Creative Writer at Core Magazine. I write short fiction and non fiction. I get motivated with everything happening around me – life and my country.

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