Facebook Love: I was told to zip my mouth, it was then I knew I was doomed for

Facebook Love

He turned the key in the lock to open the door, to his horror, he saw me!
Tunde and I have been dating for six months now. We met on Facebook, became close friends and soon our friendship blossomed into love. We were so much in love with each other that we could hardly go a day without chatting for hours on Facebook, Whatsapp and even on Instagram.

I was so beclouded by the love, care and affection he bestowed on me that I trusted him implicitly. Unlike other Facebook friends who were in a rush to meet on ground, Tunde never bothered to invite me over to his place, and I was just cool with that! Tunde showered me with lots of gift such as laptop, phone,cards, flowers etc, but I never bothered to ask where he worked as I was too busy basking in the euphoria of his numerous gifts.

One fateful mourning, Tunde called to tell me his mum was sick, that all efforts to diagnosed the sickness proved abortive. He was an only child. He needed someone to attend to his mum while he ran helter skelter to find solution to the illness. He explained his frustration to me with all sincerity and I became so worried and accepted to come over and help take care of his mum. He was so happy and sent me his address within a twinkle of an eye. The next morning, I was all set to visit Tunde who lived in Badagry, a place in the outskirts of Lagos. On getting to his house, I met his absence. I called him, only to be notified that the mother’s condition had deteriorated. She had been taken to the village to get traditional help. He told me where he dropped the key. I opened the door and what I saw almost sent me back home immediately. The room was synonymous to a mad woman’s room, with clothes scattered all over, the odious stench that emitted from the room could actually send someone six feet underneath the earth.

I was dumbfounded as I could not imagine, how Tunde who showered me whole lot of gift could not afford a decent domicile for himself. I was lost in thought, as I was contemplating whether to return home or not. Just then, my phone rang, it was Tunde telling me to come and meet him in the village where his mum had been taken to. He was practically wailing on the phone. He said he would send his friends to pick me up. In few minutes, they arrived with one dirty, scruffy Kia Rio. I reluctantly boarded the vehicle which had three fierce looking guys on board. After the brief introduction, I said a silent prayer and boarded the vehicle.

We drove in silence through a narrow bush part, we kept going, into a place that looked like an interior forest. I was petrified as the sound of my heart beat circulated the car. I asked them when we would get to our destination as the journey seemed endless. To my utter dismay I was told to zip my mouth, it was then I confirmed I was doomed for. Just then, the phone of the guy sitting next to me rang. He picked it up, and was asked
“is the sacrificial lamb with you” and he replied “yes boss”.

What happened next?

Written by Lydia Lyile


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