Discipline vs Protocol : A comical change in our milieu


The Uniqueness Of The Africanize Ways Of Doing Things And Comical Display Of The White Traditions In Our Tropics (A defense of African Philosophy). 

A hen eats corn, pebbles, drinks water, yet, she complain of no teeth, what then did she wants to say of a ‘Cow’ that have all the teeth, but all he can eat is grass and drink water. This I understand to be the situation in our milieu. As Africans, we lack being content with our own endeavors, both from practical and theoretical aspects. In this simple essay (as I refer it to be), I will be checking the colonial legacy, and how we ourselves have abolish our own culture and heritage, base on forgotten discipline and the adaptation of protocols, as established by the whites.


The whites, or perhaps, the people of the western world, base there doings on some specify protocol, and they strictly adhere to this protocol, if violated, they say the arms of the law will surely probe such person, if found guilty, the subject will be punish according to the laws of the society. In the western world; protocols are highly and strictly followed.

In Africa (the Yorubas as a case of study), in time immemorial are known to adhere strictly with disciplines (before coloniazation). There are disciplinary actions for all violated act. The act of the gods can be easily justified with the ways ‘prayer’ and ‘curse, are aptly answered with no hesitation. In Africanize system, discipline is unique (in all their humanitarian endeavors). It is however essential to know that discipline surpasses protocol, because it is not possible for ‘one’ to follow strictly an act of discipline without following the expected protocols; but it is possible for one who adhere with protocols to violate a disciplinary act. This is because, not all protocols are keen to be disciplinary in order. Don’t be confused, as I will set out some certain examples with the ‘Yoruba’ traditional system.

In Africa, in time before the colonial masters sets their legacy on our land, the young respect the old tacitly, because if violated, the society feels such adult to be a ne’er-do-well. If a 25years old man sees a 40years, the formal is expected to prostrate for the latter. In Africa, we respect each other dignity and we don’t forfeit this dignity because we’re afraid of the societal expected justifications and the straw-man they may propose.

Until the whites bought television to our land, our mothers knee down while they serve their husbands food, but now they’ve seen through this TV’s how white men go to the kitchen to serve themselves in the name of “feminism”, now our women have been dilute by this miraculous white protocols. (Even the whites know the equality they seek can only be possible in mind orientations, and not in physicality).

The whites took our monkeys, leaving our bananas to rot on our lands. Basically purporting the uniqueness of Africanize doings, I ask the question, “why should we wear shirt and tie to office?”. Have we ever imagine how our prestige would be round the world if we still fully adopt our culture and self develop heritages?, only borrowing few from the western side. Imagine this:

*Do you ever imagine Davido, Wizkid, Teckno wearing ‘Agbada Ofi’, instead of copying “chris brown’s style while performing at the BET AWARDS? . Imagine how unique this would be.

*Do you ever imagine you coming back from school to enter your father’s hut that’s well tied, well furnish and the Air condition blowing to your satisfaction of eudemonism?

*Do you ever imagine your father in his hut, wearing a ‘Dansiki” and while eating your mother’s pounded yam, a call suddenly enter his phone, and he quickly dig his left hand in his pocket to bring out the ringing iphone7s. Have you ever imagine this?.

*Have you ever imagine cruising your ‘4matic Benz’ with you and your future wife in ‘white dry lace,. Just imagine.

Just imagine the joy we found in moonlight stories that our father or mother took us out at the first moon to listen to. But the derogatory remarks of whites like the British philosopher, “David Hume”, that says, “Africans are keen to nature”, Levy Bruhl, “Africans cannot think; this remarks bias us to forget our prestige and heritage. So also his our forefathers who earlier travel to the western part of the world, for study or vacation…e.t.c, came back telling us our culture is based on nonsensical endeavors and this also fascinated our mediocre forefathers to see the ravishing white skinned people as a symbol of prosperity, and ours as a symbol of ‘backwardness’.

Nowadays, youths are made to belief our cultures are bad inclinations and base on bias indoctrinations. We’ve forgotten ‘Sango’, ‘Ogun’, ‘Obatala’, ‘Erinle’, ‘Yemoja’ and many other gods.

It really breaks my own heart that I cannot write this essay with my mother’s language; basically because I wasn’t being thought tacitly the language. And am sure of many of the people who will be reading this essay won’t understand it, if at all I write it in the Yoruba language.

Alexandria the Great died many years before Christ, every one know his major aim is to conquer the world, by imposing on them the same culture. Isn’t he winning after death?. Now if we don’t learn how to speak and fully understand the ‘English’ we can’t have SSCE result, gratifying us to further our ‘schooling education’. Is this the labour of our Hero’s past?.

On the uniqueness of virginity in African traditional system (Yoruba). The concept of ‘virginity’ as become a poor laconic lacuna we have to rectify in our in our socio-cultural milieu. It is very disheartening to hear from girls who are under 20years of age that “virginity isn’t a honour to hold too”. This I understand to be one of the disadvantage of droping ‘discipline’ for ‘protocol’. It’s never a falsism that ‘man by nature is a pleasure seeking animal’; but this have been bestow on us by the law of nature. In the olden days, if one is caught after the wedding night not to be a virgin, she will be send back with an ‘iparoko’, identifying her not be a virgin (a disgrace to the subject family). The girls, understanding this as an embodied disgrace keep the virginity till their wedding night. But now, we hardly see a girl of substance in our milieu, what we have left seems to be “carcass of what seems to be value”. 

Virginity is substantial, and shouldn’t be a case of nonsensical activities. But much more can we say, when people can now easily download and watch pornography movies, hasting their pleasure. Who should we blame?.

We have dance to the tune of the whites more than enough; before, we don’t have lawyers, yet the king and people regulate the affairs of the society whether peacefully or through chaos (the same thing the white impose government do) making use of their consciousness. Before, we don’t go to school, nor do we build mansions, all we have and own are huts and plantations – yet we live happily. Now we follow the white people asunder, forgetting our heritage and adopting tools from them, which could kill whole of humanity.

We are shadow of ourselves, and only ‘we’ could ‘on’ the light to show the ways to ourselves, but let be careful, because, “Hangmen Also Die”.


Written by Idowu Odeyemi. Department of Philosophy, Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti.


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