Discipline Series by Titilope Abiona (PART I)


Discipline means an orderly or controlled behaviour. It is also the training of people so that they obey orders and control their own feelings and behaviour.

There are different categories of discipline which include:

(1) Spiritual discipline

(2) Physical discipline

(3) Mental  discipline

(4) Marital discipline

(5) Financial discipline

(6) Emotional discipline.





This simply means the way one behaves towards the things of God. There is a proper and good manner of communicating with God and even in church. Let’s look at this in 3 phases: 

(a) Prayer: This is a method of communicating with God. There is a way to talk to God. Some people shout at God and claim that they are praying, whereas they are making noise in the house of God. Well I believe one can pray to God anywhere, anytime and not anyhow because the word ‘anyhow’ sounds like an insult. In terms of prayer, a maximum level of discipline is required of one

I met a lady one day at a wedding ceremony. It was her time to be given food so as the food was passed to her, she brought out her scarf and started praying on food. She was shouting at the top of her voice that people were staring at her. On opening her eyes, she was surprised as people were looking at her. This is not supposed to be so because:

(1) she was making noise.

 (2) she was distracting other people.

(3) she did not know she was wasting her time.

Rather, she should have prayed in her mind. Infact God is not a noise maker. He takes it calm and easy and most times when He speaks He does to the mind that is calm.

There is a story of a family who enjoyed praying at midnight. When they began to pray, they shouted to the extent that their neighbors were banging their doors and telling them they are disturbing.

It is not supposed to be that way. It is recorded in the Bible that whatever one does, it should be with moderation.

There is another example of a sister that loudly chews gum in the church. This is the highest level of nonchalance, because if it were to be an interview she would not dare do that. All these are not supposed to be.

How then can one be spiritually disciplined?

It’s just by praying to your maker in truth and in spirit without calling the attention of others. Don’t deceive yourself and don’t advertise to public that you are praying. 

(b) Mode of dressing: This is what one wears. This is an important aspect that God is interested in. When coming to God’s presence, one should be neatly dressed, and be smart. It does not necessarily mean the clothes should be new. One should do all things with moderation, because if one is not being moderate with this, the dressing aspect can become ones’s idol. For instance; I attended a church in my area sometimes ago and I noticed there were two women that were known for dressing competition. If one isn’t careful he/she could get distracted by their attires and may return home empty. This ought not to be, one should learn to be disciplined by covering one’s hair, dressing neatly and smartly. The guys should wear their hair very low.

Fashion in the house of God should be done moderately.

(c) Time management: Time is the record of an event. It tells one when to do things. Discipline in this area is very crucial because time is life. This is my common quote because it tells me that if one wastes two minutes, it means one has wasted two minutes of one’s life. Some churches are not time conscious and this is bad. It can even make them have low population. When a programme is to start by 8am and end 3pm, it should be exact and prompt because God himself will be there at that time and when he sees that the programme has not started, then he leaves the place. Time management is very important because it attracts the attention of God.

To be continued Next week Tuesday…….

Written by Titilope Abiona Ayobami.


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