Discipline Series: PART IV Financial Discipline




This has to do with the way one spends. The question to ask yourself here is: 

(1) How do you spend?

(2) What do you buy?

(3) Why must you buy?

Before a person can spend you need to have a scale of preference.

A scale of preference is the arrangement of things according to its importance. Before you buy anything, you should have a list of what you want to buy stating clearly the purpose for the spending. Having the scale of preference makes you disciplined.

Those who don’t know how to spend usually end up in debts.

For example, a lady that has #3000 and needs to buy lecture notes, rice and kesrosine. Yet you still have enough kerosine, but you just want to top it up for no reason and you decide to buy extra 2 litres to it and also rice leaving the lecture notes and so when he or she is about to write an exam, he/she has no note to read and will begin to borrow notes or money to buy it.


(1) It makes you to become a regular debtor.

(2) It renders you useless to others especially those that know how to spend well.

(3) It makes you lose respect from people.

(4) There is no rest of mind because as you are paying debts, you are seeing new things to buy and that is what your mind will be capturing.

But if you are financially disciplined, you will not experience these consequences.


To be continued Next week Tuesday…….

Written by Titilope Abiona Ayobami, Creative Writer at Core Magazine


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