Discipline Series by Titilope Abiona (PART II)




It has to do with the outward manner and way of things. It could be in form of:

(a) Posture

(b) Eating habits

(c) Relationship with people(i.e communication skills).


(a) Posture refers to the way we carry our body. It could be the way we sit, talk, walk, and stand. As a lady, there is a way you sit to cover your body and there is a way you walk without pushing your chest out and there is a way you ought to stand.

All these are to make you smart and are parts of discipline.


(b) Eating habits: Habits are those things that become a part of us.

The required discipline here is what we refer to as ‘table manners’.


(1) You don’t talk while eating, you don’t laugh while eating.

(2) You don’t take more than your mouth can contain.

(3) You also don’t turn yourself to a glutton; caution the way you eat.

(4) Watch what you eat so your body can be in good shape.

(5) Know what your body likes and how it reacts to them as this will make you to be in control of your body. 

I know of a woman who is in her late fifties, but her stature looks like a teenager. This is because she is able to discipline her self in terms of eating.


(c) Communication skills: This is a very important aspect I will like to emphasize on because it forms the ‘REAL YOU’.

It describes who you are to other people. Even the scripture says ‘be slow to speak… and swift to listen’.
Of all the sense organs, I will say the tongue is the greatest and most dangerous. It can kill, set free, and also put one in bondage. That is why we have to control our tongue.

An example of those that could not control their tongue and their consequences:
A couple who fought everyday just because of little things till it got to a point where the wife was very angry and pronounced death on her husband. She told him that if he failed to give her money, he would not have safe trip to his office. Unfortunately, the husband went to the office, and had an accident. He died immediately.

Anger is not a good thing and should be controlled,as angry as she was she was unable to control her tongue and this lead to problem for her.

Some people can talk from now till next year just because they are not disciplined. When a person is a talkative, it means the person has no sense.

I read the story of a man who wanted to marry a lady and all he did was to visit the woman. He actually started with the woman as friends. He went to the woman’s house and all he could do was to do talk. He would talk for 3hrs nonstop and when the woman was about to give a reply, he would not give her the chance to reply, but continue to talk.
This went on to the point that the woman warned the man not to come to her house again. The man had no control over his mouth thereby made a fool of himself.



(1) By doing more of thinking than talking
Think before talking in order to avoid saying rubbish.

(2) By being willing to hear from people. This means be a good listener.



(1) It makes you to hear from God.

(2) It calms your spirit.

(3) It makes you think better than others.

(4) It keeps you focused as you will not be distracted.

(5) It makes people see you as being wise. 


To be continued Next week Tuesday…….

Written by Titilope Abiona Ayobami.


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