Core Magazine proudly supports I AM BLACK AND PROUD Foundation

Core Magazine Africa is proud to support I AM BLACK AND PROUD Foundation, Africa’s fastest growing Foundation, supporting black people.

At Core Magazine Africa, we recognise the need to partner and collaborate with Organizations that complement our objectives and help them address the present challenges brought about by a broken system and also to promote their objectives,” said Tosin Durodola, Executive Editor, Core Magazine Africa.

I AM BLACK AND PROUD Foundation, Founded by Ogunmodede OluwaTamilore, intend to create awareness amongst people on a need to imbibe self love, embrace their skin colour especially black people and to be confident about themselves.

The objectives are:

A. To reinstate and restore natural love and self esteem in all black people all over the world especially Nigerians.

B. To eliminate inferiority complex, indignity, prejudice and stereotypes associated with the back skin.

C. To indoctrinate any willing black man and woman to appreciate and be proud of their black skin or colour

D. To create awareness on the side effect and dangers associated or inherent in the bleaching of their skin and other allied negative effects.

E. To show love and care to everyone irrespective of their skin, colour, race, birth, creed, religion, beliefs, sex and background.

The Foundation has however setup programmes to achieve the above stated objectives, which are but not limited to:

A. Creating awareness on social media platforms.

B. Encouraging people to express themselves through the act of Photography, Creative Writings, Spoken words in line with the theme of the foundation.

C. Organising seminars and talk sessions for youths which include visitations to schools and orphanages.

D. A website where people can visit to read and put down their thoughts,share their stories and get inspired.

E. Holding interviews where black people who have been prejudiced for their skin colour and have conquered to share their stories and inspire others.

The decision to support the Foundation was made at the end of today’s Editorial Meeting.


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I am the Founder and Executive Editor of Core Magazine. I hold a Bachelors Degree in History and International Studies from Bowen University. I am the Author of "DARE TO RESEARCH". I have written and published over 16 Academic Research Articles. I believe in an ideal that all persons irrespective of their race, class or status can influence the society with creative writings and constructive thoughts to the point where they can succeed and develop their skills to seize rare opportunities.

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