A youth pastor proposed to a lady in his church, and for 8 months the lady kept turning down his proposal. When the pressure from the pastor was getting too tough for her to handle anymore she told him that she will marry him only on ONE CONDITION.


It was simple, that he will take her to meet his father for her to ask him some questions. The pastor agreed and took her to his father in the village.


The pastor introduced the lady to his father as his wife to be and told his father that she has a few questions she will like to ask him, and that was why they came.


The lady started; “daddy, I know that you are blind, and the blindness has no medical root, the doctors couldn’t find the cause, you were not in any accident of any sort, daddy please tell me the honest reason why you are blind and why your son (the pastor) cannot see properly without eyeglasses?”


The old man was surprise. He knew that flesh and blood couldn’t have instructed her to do this; this is beyond the physical, so he opened up to tell the true story.


He said, “The reason why I am blind is because there is a curse in our family. Our great grandfather buried a young girl alive for a crime that was believed she had committed, a crime we yet do not know. When that girl was about to die she released a curse to the three brothers that was present and supported the sacrifice.”


He told the lady that of the three families, one was cursed with madness; any male child born into that family will go mad at 45years. The other was cursed with untimely death, at 45years any male child born into that family will die. And his own family is blindness, once you are 45yrs blindness will come.


At that point the pastor was confuse, even he didn’t know about this family plague, he feared the wife to be will abandon him upon hearing such a story, but she stood by him and made sure they broke that yoke before setting a wedding date. Today he’s more than 45yrs, still alive, and happily married.


Now imagine if she didn’t listen to the voice of God directing her to wait? Imagine if i love you i love you was all she knew how to say? Imagine if wearing a white gown was all she desired.


Get this guys, i love you is never enough. There are so many other things we must check to make sure we’re saying those words to the right person. Before things starts getting serious check for spiritual compatibility, check for traditional yoke, before settling with anyone go around his/her family as much as you can, take your time and ask questions, and learn about why things are this way and that way. Why are his/her parents divorced? How many successful marriages are in that family? Why are his/her siblings giving birth out of wedlock? Allow the Holy Spirit lead you into that family, when you’re visiting their home keep your eyes and your senses wide open to hear from God, if you see something unusual my dear ask questions, even if it is a wood nailed to the wall. if you see funny markings around the house, strange altars at a corner, weird behavior of a sibling or cousin, strange traditional practices like masquerade festivals where the family is the head etc, If you find any strange practice that a good Christian family shouldn’t engage in please ask questions and ask God to reveal that family to you. I love you is never enough, always stay patient.


I pray for anyone reading this piece, that God shall reveal and break whatever curse or bondage in your family that you know nothing about. In the name of Jesus, Amen.










Allison Bisongs is a Writer, Counsellor and Life Coach.

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