Certificates will only earn you a job but knowledge and information will earn You wealth

Today I am here to break many conventional and orthodox wisdom and beliefs. I will re-echo what Jerry John Enoch said that Education is better than schooling.

Our society for many centuries have so much confused this two terms while schooling is the learning or cramming of facts, figures and whatever, Education is the training of the mind to think and acquire knowledge. Learning or cramming facts does not mean You are acquiring knowledge. It only means You are filling your brain with information.

Schooling have turned many of Us into robots. We go about our daily lives behaving like robots continously doing the same activities and learning the same thing as it was taught in the past. We deem it unnecessary to furrow into other fields and areas of knowledge to expand our horizon. We lay hold to what we were taught in school and this impeded Us from thinking and acquisition of true knowledge.

Leonardo Da Vinci one of the few Genius that ever lived on the surface of the earth in those days in medieval Florentine in Italy, never went to any formal school, he only served as an apprentice under the great Artist Verrocchio.

But he was one of the greatest thinker, Inventor and Artist of His days. He was educated by nature. He studied the works of other Great men. He also studied nature which led him to great revolutionary thoughts that changed our World.

In schooling we are taught how to learn or cram facts as lay down to us from the past without considering its implications in the current dispensation.

But education opens our mind to great ideas, it opens our mind to new ways of doing things, it develops our mind and engages our thinking faculty. This is the reason why we have low quality graduates in our society today, they are only schooled robots that can’t defend their certificate.

I will rather be educated than accumulate certificates that I can’t defend. I will rather quit schooling than quit education. I am not in any way relegating the importance of schooling.

A man once said that Certificates will only earn you a job but knowledge and information will earn You wealth, influence and Power.

I rest my case, a word is enough for the wise.

A Graduate of History and International Studies from Bowen University.
He is a Freelance Writer, Youth Advocate and Ambassador.
IG: davejunior_12
Facebook: David Adejumo
Twitter: Davisco_81374

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I am the Founder and Executive Editor of Core Magazine. I hold a Bachelors Degree in History and International Studies from Bowen University. I am the Author of "DARE TO RESEARCH". I have written and published over 16 Academic Research Articles. I believe in an ideal that all persons irrespective of their race, class or status can influence the society with creative writings and constructive thoughts to the point where they can succeed and develop their skills to seize rare opportunities.

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