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Opinion: Nigeria, Education remains the best legacy

  ​A scholar once said that ‘Education is the best legacy’. However, In Nigeria, can we make such a conclusion? Do we totally give in to such proposition and theory? Are we really after education or talents? Are educational knowledge immaculate to us or a mere caricature? Do we even doff our hats for the academics amongst us? Or are we more attuned to talents against the need for proper education?   Today’s Nigeria has relegated Education to the background. It is indeed abysmal that children of today aren’t as sound…

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Roles of Leaders in the Theatre of Conflict, War and Peace on African Socio-Political, and Cultural Stages

  Roles of Leaders in the Theatre of Conflict, War and Peace on African Socio-Political, and Cultural Stages Abstract Africa has long been the parole of conflicts, war, terrorism, et cetera, in the extensive langue of the whole world’s conflict. Consequently, this essay proposes to suggest policies and considerations that can effect and sustain peace in Africa, drawing from instances and causes of conflicts across the continent. Keywords: Africa, Nigeria, West, Southern, Northern, Conflict, Security, Peace, Leadership.   The Theatre of Conflict and the Role of Leadership in Africa “Conflict.”…

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Opinion: Gender injustice; Men as victims too

There’s something called racism. It is any bias discrimination of one against another based on race. As such, if a white man discriminates against a black man, it is racism. If a black man discriminates against a white man, it is equally racism. It doesn’t matter who the object of discrimination appears to be. Equally, there is a word called “sexism”. It is the act of building social roles on the bias of biological functions. Let me explain, women can carry babies, men can’t. That’s a biological function. On the…

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4 Reasons Why Women Can Be Better Than Men At Work

A popular adage opines that “it is a man’s world”, but I would say, it should not apply to this jet age. Women are springing up like flowers in the morning dew, replacing and displacing men in the workplace. Here are 4 reasons why women can be better than men at work:   Women are Smarter than Men While there is a certain research that makes the opposite claim, there should be a consideration for what smart actually means. Specifically, its application to usefulness on the job (any job) must…

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THE BIAFRAN QUESTION   The current agitation for the actualization of the Indigenous People of Biafra Republic, an umbrella Movement which was spear headed by Nmamdi Kanu and some Group of like-minded Igbo Youths in the Eastern part of Nigeria can be said to be an ideology after several months of observation and critical analysis of their agitations and some of the interviews Nmamdi Kanu granted Press men and several media outlets across the Country.   In defense of my logical conclusions, let me give a brief definition of ideology…

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  I can remember vividly after serving my father’s land, after much well wishes and congratulations… Talks like “what next”, “when are you getting married now”, “when are we coming to eat rice”, asoebi things became the order of the day. I am not debunking the fact that marriage is enjoyable but who says it should be a do or die thing. I want us to erase the notion that marriage is an achievement, it’s a choice. Stop acting as if your life depends on it. Little wonder people are…

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     Reexamination of Yoruba History becomes necessary and imperative for the generation with less knowledge and much ignorance of the past.    This article was precipitated by the recent statement issued by the respected monarch, OLUGBO of UGBOLAND, Oba Obateru Akinrutan which he claimed that ” I am the leader of all Obas in Yorubaland, I speak with Thunder in my mouth and I make bold to say so. No one is above me in Yorubaland in as much as it has been accepted that we are from Ife….

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Who says opportunity comes but once? I don’t attest to that. Opportunities comes by and by…not once. Opportunities often comes wrapped as problems. So, my dear whenever you are faced with problems or obstacles, see them as a means to explore hence opportunity. Problems pave way for creativity. Your creative ability is put to test here. After some in depth thinking, a solution or answer will definitely spring up. Who says problems aren’t good after all?   What’s going on in your locality? What’s not right? You are the solution…

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By Tosin Durodola 07/07/2017. 12:37:41 AM     Manchester United pulled a surprise yesterday after reaching an agreement with Everton to sign Romelu Lukaku for £79million this summer.   Jose Mourinho’s side ended their interest in Alvaro Morata after Real Madrid refused to reduce their asking price. A development which is said to have angered Morata’s camp.     Core Magazine’s Football Columnist, Tosin Durodola broke the news about Manchester United deal for Romelu Lukaku last night ahead of other media outlets.     Chelsea were thought to have a deal in principle with…

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  Integrity isn’t just a virtue but it is a rare virtue encompassed with so much power yet it has been so degraded to the point that if you aren’t a con artist, suddenly everybody thinks something isn’t right about you and trust me society has come to accept this as a quotidian ethos with warm embrace this notion which is not just appalling but awful at best is now generally accepted.   We will not all be involved in illicit vices to get rich, we can’t all be. However…

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