Biafra is not an Institution Registered by the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission

On Biafra and Nigerian military ;

There is a word called Secession. It is the act of pulling out from an already existing ‛state’ in order to be a separate,sovereign and independent state.

The Igbos are asking for secession, and when that happens they will call their new state BIAFRA. Now there are legally justified procedures to undergo while demanding for secession.

But truth be told, until secession is granted to BIAFRA, it remains a criminal offence (IN NIGERIA) to mount Biafran flags, carry out Biafran activities, set up Biafran institutions or claim Biafran autonomy over some parts of the Nigerian landmass. This is due to the fact that “Biafra” is not an institution registered by the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission.

Since they are trying to claim autonomy over some parts of the Nigerian territory, the Nigerian government must protect her territory by all means possible even if it requires military services.

Remember, the duty of the military is to protect the nation from external and internal threats and aggression.

If there must be Biafra, the right procedures must be followed.

Truth is, I have no problems with the Igbos, I only find the Biafran argument invalid and inadequate. Igbo is not Biafra just as Yoruba is not Nigeria. Yoruba makes up Nigeria just as Igbo makes up Biafra. The striking question is, why do the Igbos include other tribes in the proposed Biafran map without their willful involvement? Was there any social contract with which other tribes agreed to be part of a Biafra?

From all indications, Biafra itself seems to be a prospective marginalization. Consider the name IPOB- INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA …I doubt if there’s actual consideration for the ‘non-indigenous’ in the near future…And of course you know igbo people, they have this bias of core Igbos and partial Igbos, talk more of other tribes they’re trying to convince into their map.

We have about 99% of nollywood actors and actresses as Igbos, and the few who are not from igbo are made to act as if they were.

So tell me, if Biafra comes to stay wouldn’t it be another scheme of segregation and marginalization?




Obiene Solomon is a young writer. He hails from Bayelsa State, Southern Nigeria. He graduated from Niger Delta University where he studied Philosophy. He is currently undergoing a Theology study at Zuph School of Ministry.

As a philosopher and theologian, his works basically address practical social realities, employing both philosophical and religious tools to drive home his message.

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