Move towards here ájìkè
Come and cut a rug to this tempting bátà booming
Which is caned by me,
To rampart your focal point from heartrending.
For in this pulsate, joy and seventh heaven
Are taking up residence.

Come here ájìké,
For the one and only arèwà obinrìn of your quality,
I am striking this bátà thrum for,
Which is striking of ásá-íbìlé.
For it’s the strike of this throb
Aláàfin of óyò empire rocks n’ roll to
And joy crept into his bottom line,
And his feet quivers
To its ravishing bell ringer of crack-up.

Come close ájìkè,
For it is you this throb is discoursing to
Come here and trip the light of ijó ayó.
Ijó erìn this bátà throb is striking.
For it’s this bátà ajobiewe boogies down to
And was virtuosly highly regarded
In the thick of justly of obas and ìjóyés
Of religiousness.

For it is this bátà strum goddess of brooks swing to
On the streamlet of osun osogbo.
Her exquisiteness was unoriginal
From the bátà striking.
When osun osogbo sets foot in,
It is the striking of this bátà roar which rings
In the auditory of pitch-darks and bloodless
Make them to set on foot to blow off steam
To catch sight of sensation,
When the hit of her garden variety manuever
From the bottom line of bátà sweetness strike.

Come here ájìkè,
For your pet name parodies
Peep of day spares the rod.
Let this strum mellycoddle you
With the pronunciation of íjàlà ewí ìfé.
For if this bátà strum tonality kisses goodbye
The obas of the yorùbás and their heads
Shall fall into descration of grief,
And crack up will call of nature
To their no-nonsense false front.

Without this bátà strum,
They shall be nothing like yorùbá.
It’s this bátà throb which was stroke at òkè ìgbétì
And was discovered at òkè olùmo.
It’s this bátà thrub which was stroke at íbádán
And was recorded at óyò ìlé.
It’s this bátà strum which was stroke at ìlé ifé
And the alàwó funfun lost their focus to,
To the captivating sonorousness
It’s native tongueing.
In its charm you shall catch a glimpse
For your gone astray delighted look.

Come here ájìkè i called again,
Come and dance to your heavy-hearted focal point
To the charm this bátà is putting into words 


By; Awotide Oluwaseun Micheal

Ájìkè is a yorùbá’s name which portrays the beauty of crack of dawn pet.
Bátà is a traditional strum in the yorúbà realm.
And it’s usually drummed by those who know how to strike it.
In reason that it can not be drummed by an ordinary drummer.
Who does not understand the sound its makes and the word it’s mouth vocalism.
And it is occationally used in traditional wedding.
In a chieftance nominating,
And the most reason, its existing in yorùbá land is a commoned drum the king(s) of yorùbá land used to mark a day of their joy.
And it’s entirely known and generally beaten by the bloodless(THE WHITE), Who had travelled down to yorúbà’s realm to learn how to drum and understand its wordings.

Aréwà obinrìn in yorùbá olden days nickname.
The yorúbà believed that those num-de-plum had meaning and its beautiful word is what specialized them between the white names or any other names entirely.
And the meaning of the word ‘arèwá obinrìn means ‘a beautiful lady’.

Ásá-íbìlé is mostly practiced in oyo state, ile ife osun state, and the whole of yorùbás.
It is a traditional culture, which portrays the genesis of the yorùbá moral value, faith, culture, way of life and their spoken language.

Aláàfin is a paramout and suprerior king of all the kings in yorùbá.
It was half believed among the people of oyo state and ile ife, that ódudua was a king who ruled ile ife for many years afore his given of ghost.
But the benin republic had it in their record that odudua is not the biological son of yorùbá, according to my feedings.
Aláàfin is a well known person in whole world.
And he is well respected on behalf of his reputation.

Ijó ayó means joyful dance.
It is a generally snag in the mouth of yoruba’s people when it is time for them to dust their feet in cold sands.

Ijó erìn means laughter dance.

Oba means king
and ijoye means chief.

Osun osogbo is place where all sort of traditional practioners foot in together to celebrate the yemaja.

Íjálà ewí ìfé means traditional chanting of love or tradition poetry of love.

Òkè ìgbétì is a town in ogun state and it is a mountain.

Òkè olùmo is a town in abeokuta, where a mysterious mountains are founded and did visited everyday or yearly.
Íbádán is a capital city of oyo state, and it is commonly known as the biggest city in africa at large.

Óyò ìlé is the home of oyo state.
It is a state of ibadan.

Ìlé ifé is a place where odudua was well practiced and structured.
It is a place of osun state part towns.

Word of ìfé means word of love.





Awotide Oluwaseun Micheal, also known as The Magical Poet, Was born in Ibadan, Oyo State. But he is a native of Ile-Ife, Osun State. He is a student of federal college of education, special, oyo state, Nigeria. He is studying Early Childhood Care and Education(ECCE).

He is a prolific and resourceful writer, a poet, pedagogue, a blogger, a counsellor, a creative thinker, cultural and traditional researcher, and a traditionalist historian.

He preaches inspirational thoughts, liberty, and culture. He is the vice president HORN OF AFRO-CLASSICAL POET, an organization that promotes poetry, traditional music, music of any type, literacy, groaming and cultural and traditional.

His poems have featured many anthologies (WORLD UNION OF POETS PEACE FOR THE WORLD) etc. He has published in poems in many websites such as; Myaceworld.net, Allpoetry.com, Youngspy.worldpress.com and many more. He has uploaded three poetry videos at youtube.com titles: Bullets, Nature songs and African of those Days.


Follow him on his social media

Facebook: Awotide Oluwaseun Micheal
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