Creative Writings 

My Worst Hello and My Favourite Goodbye

Our paths crossed like fate planned it before time Our words clashed like two swords seeking upper hand Our feet tried to thread same path But our obvious different ideologies caused sparks on the land Your words pierced my core nature Shedding me of the cover that I hold dear Putting pressure to nullify what I nurture And you kept me constantly in need to be in the rear In shreds and tatters you strew my dignity Walking all over it with glint of pleasure in your eyes Gradually my…

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Education Startups 

SA’s GirlCode to launch incubator, accelerator programmes

  South Africa’s GirlCode, a social enterprise that aims to empower young girls and women through technology, has launched its 2018 programme and Vision 2030 statement, which include initiatives such as the GirlCode Accelerator Programme and the GirlCode Incubator initiative. GirlCode was founded in 2014 as a female-only hackathon, but has since grown to include a variety of initiatives. Aside from the accelerator and incubator programmes, initiatives planned for 2018 also include annual hackathon and training workshops, as well as the launch of the Digital Academy and the GirlCoder Club. The…

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Events Opportunities Startups 

Egypt’s Innoventures announces winners of Startup Reactor

Egyptian early-stage startup platform Innoventures has announced the winners of the fourth cycle of its Startup Reactor programme, with a total of EUR15,000 (US$17,750) given to four promising startups by VC4A. Innoventures is a platform for innovative early stage ventures, which facilitates and manages investments in startups specialising mainly in the fields of clean-tech, software, electronics, art and media, market intelligence and inclusive businesses. It runs its Startup Reactor programme on a regular basis, with first place place in this edition going to Happiana, a startup that specialises in creating adaptable…

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Business and Economy Startups 

Nigeria’s Yesharvest launches agri-commerce platform

Nigerian startup Yesharvest has launched a zero-inventory e-commerce platform for fresh farm produce that allows users to purchase from farmers. Founder Nwosu Friday started testing the Yesharvest concept in August of last year, and has since tested several business models before last month adopting a standardised per-kilogramme pricing model. The platform aggregates demand directly from consumers and supplies directly from farmers each week. “This enables us to eliminate the series of middlemen that characterise typical distribution channels for farm produce in Nigeria,” Friday said. “By collapsing the distribution channels, we are able…

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Corporate News Startups 

Former Yahoo and Netflix executive joins South African startup board

South African startup, Xineoh, who developed a new type of machine learning recommendation engine, announced the appointment of ‘tech giant’, John Robison, to its board of directors. Robison is a senior executive leader with many years of expertise in rapid growth and scalability of technology solutions. He has filled top positions in some of the world biggest tech companies as he was the VP of Engineering at Yahoo, Director of Engineering at Netflix and CTO of Move, Inc, the operator of Robison will officially join the Xineoh board of…

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Meet the Investor: Jeffrey Stine, VestedWorld

“We are very excited about what we call “tech-enabled” solutions, and Africa, in my view, is ground zero for these types of opportunities.” That is according to Jeffrey Stine, principal of the Chicago-based but Africa-focused investment firm VestedWorld, who says “tech-enabled” companies differ from “tech” companies in that they are starting with the problem, identifying the pain points, and only then bringing technology into the picture. “At first glance it might not seem all that different, but we believe it is fundamentally different than starting with some technological breakthrough and asking…

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Creative Writings 

Even when the world treats me like trash, I’ve learnt to wear my heels with pride

Dinner today is at the L’acroius Hotel My attire for the night right in front of me. A short white dress with black polka dots A perfect reflection of my life, My perfect but not so perfect life. A life built in the rough, Like a gold and the refiner’s fire. A necessary but painful process. I’ve been made the hard way, I’ve had to learn the hard way, I’ve sure come a long way. It’s been worth all the pain, the fears and the tears. Because, I’ve learnt to…

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Corporate News 

South Africa: AWS Direct Connect now available through Teraco data centers

Teraco, a vendor-neutral colocation data centre in South Africa, announced the availability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect through Teraco’s Johannesburg JB1 and Cape Town CT1 data centres. This will enable customers to directly access AWS services in AWS infrastructure Regions around the world. The benefits of AWS Direct Connect are dedicated connectivity to AWS Regions, consistent network performance, and reduced bandwidth costs, according to the company. AWS Direct Connect is a network connection that brings connectivity between on-premises or colocation environments and the cloud. Enabling organisations to transfer…

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Business and Economy 

PayU launches new service to advance Nigeria’s cashless economy

Online payment solution platform, PayU has announced the launch of a new service called PayU Receive. According to the company, the new product will allow businesses in Nigeria to securely request and receive payments directly from their customers without any hassles. PayU Receive is a payment solution that facilitates business-to-business and business-to-consumer payments via email or SMS. It allows businesses to make use of PayU’s payment services by allowing them to send payment requests via email or SMS to their customers. Customers then have the flexibility of paying via their…

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Business and Economy Entrepreneurs 

Bsystems introduces online Collateral Registry Solution in Zambia

Owners of Small and Medium Enterprise organizations and individuals in Zambia will now heave a sigh of relief following the establishment and introduction of the new Collateral Registry Software System in that country. Bsystems Limited, one of Ghana’s finest enterprise software development companies, has now launched its flagship software, the collateral Registry Software, in Zambia. This brings to six the number of Sub-Saharan African countries that the company has deployed its software solution in, with the support of the World Bank Group- after Ghana, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria and Sierra Leone….

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