Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I want to feature my story / business on Core Magazine Africa. What should I do?

Please, forward your name, mobile number, email ID, website, and brief about the startup or business (Objectives, vision, mission and summary). Send this email to editor@thecoremagazine.org with the subject line ‘Story Request <business name>– <sector>


Do you charge money for writing stories?

No but contact only our official email address info@thecoremagazine.org for financial enquiries. If any other person asks for it, please let us know via info@thecoremagazine.org


What are the criteria for my business or startup to be featured on Core Magazine Africa?

If it is a business, it should be a known entity.
If it is a business, it should be at least 3 months old.
If it is a business, it shouldn’t be an idea only, at least have started attracting customers.


How long does it take for my story or business to be published on Core Magazine Africa?

Once accepted, Core Magazine Correspondent will get in touch with you. And after the interview, it’ll take up to four weeks for the story to get published.


What are the Rules to remember?

In your email request, clearly mention your name, mobile number, website(along with the URL), social media handles, brief about business / startup.

Never offer cash or valuable gifts to our team members. We may blacklist you. Contact only our official email address info@thecoremagazine.org for financial enquiries.

Avoid parallel conversations with different team members.

We prefer communication over email.

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