Core Magazine is Africa’s fastest Digital magazine with focus on Business, Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders, Brands, Companies, Social Stories & Literary Arts.



Core Magazine connects, interacts, educates, promotes and inspires Africans in Africa and across the world.

We aim to publish stories meant to inspire readers, and challenge perceptions of business and the world at large. We want to help entrepreneurs across the globe to create sustainable business and clients to help them achieve incredible success, and realise their highest potentials.

We aim encourage readership across generations, in all Institutions, and around the globe by providing a platform for all persons to express their talents, arts and creativity.

We cherish the ideal of an equal and sustainable environment where all persons can create a better society through their talents, creativity and styles to the point where they can succeed and develop their skills to seize rare opportunities.

Company Overview


CORE MAGAZINE in Partnership with TECHLEAD Media Company creates a platform where young Africans learn, aspire, connect and exchange ideas and visions. Our approach is simple, quality and the accessible. We combine serious and helpful contents that speak to what it means to be a young African Entrepreneur and Professional in the 21st century. We craft pieces meant to help the young Africans live their lives better, in all aspects.

We bring you news, stories of entrepreneurs and businesses, in-depth analyses, funding and resource contents and the first view of emerging trends from Nigeria’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as profiles of great businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The CORE MAGAZINE team primarily works digitally and has a presence throughout Nigeria where we bring the best and brightest entrepreneurs & businesses into the public eye that they deserve.

What started as a small but determined group Founded by Tosin Durodola and OluwaSeyi Oyekan respectively in 2017 has now grown beyond limits.

TECHLEAD Media Company Founded by Tosin Durodola and OluwaSeyi Oyekan respectively works with some of the biggest brands worldwide, increasing their visibility and engagement with a tech- knowledge base of readers through high-quality content. We create a digital platform to market brands, startup and companies. With our database, you can find out emerging startups and explore businesses.

At CORE MAGAZINE, we reveal exactly what it takes to become a success in business, entrepreneurship, and life. We are the ultimate resource for young entrepreneurs. We source for people around the globe that are forging new paths, challenging the life and unveil what actually set them apart.

We promote and feature start-ups, entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs in Africa via interviews, imagery and articles to give fantastic insights into achieving success. We dig deep into the world of the entrepreneur, and unravel the techniques needed for young, aspiring business people to channel their ideas to the next level. We expose how the world’s greatest businessmen and women achieved their goals, and break it into applicable Techniques and Strategies.

CORE MAGAZINE Team publishes stories meant to motivate readers, and dare perceptions of business and the world at large. This is digital platform for everyone to write and share their articles, stories, experiences, knowledge, and opinions on entrepreneurship, commerce and inspirations with millions of people.

We tell stories with substance, drive and influence, and these would be impossible without the zeal of our team – they have something that prompt them to write, research, plan, investigate, correct and publish these stories.



We have a rotating roster of columnists because unlike other traditional media outlets, we believe that it is important for our columnists to be first and foremost young professionals, writing and ensuring that our readers get insight from their lives and experiences.  We carry this out by having designated columnists covering, in depth, one topic, and then continuing that conversation month after month. Ultimately, we choose writers who are passionate about their life, have knowledge or experience in the field they cover and can speak to it with a certain amount of authority. 

Core Magazine has presence throughout Nigeria through its program and correspondents in all parts of the country.

If you are interested in publishing your Events, Advertisement, stories, business articles, opinions, Essays or write-ups; kindly forward all correspondence to editor.coremagazine@gmail.com or Contact; +234-8147169205 (Whatsapp Only)

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