4 Reasons Why Women Can Be Better Than Men At Work

A popular adage opines that “it is a man’s world”, but I would say, it should not apply to this jet age. Women are springing up like flowers in the morning dew, replacing and displacing men in the workplace.

Here are 4 reasons why women can be better than men at work:


Women are Smarter than Men

While there is a certain research that makes the opposite claim, there should be a consideration for what smart actually means.

Specifically, its application to usefulness on the job (any job) must be part of the question. If math smart and science smart are the only factors (as any comparison based on IQ alone considers) then the juries of the scientific world are most definitely in a heated tie for a conclusion.

While there are more men as geniuses than women, there are also far more idiotic men. When you consider the other smarts like relationship smart, conversational smart, and intuitive smart three very powerful business skills the girls pull clearly ahead.

If my brothers out there are having a hard time conceding any of the smarts to women, you’re going to have to give it to them on the get the job done smart as 200,000 more women than men achieved a bachelors degree last year. Or as Tom Peters put it once, more men than women attend college, but the women stay.

Women are Better Negotiators than Men

In 2006, World Business May cover story – Say it Like a Woman: Why the 21st century negotiator will need the female touch, Horacio Falcoa laid out all of the strengths that women have over men in the necessary business and leadership skill of negotiation.

Women are curious and attentive listeners with strong sense of fairness and ability to persuade. Women’s comprehensive, attentive, and details communication style puts them ahead of their male counterparts during negotiations. 

With so much of business being negotiation of all varieties, its no wonder that these skills give women a considerable advantage and increased value over men in the workplace.

Women are Better Marketers than Men

Better Marketer

In Nicki Joy and Susan Kane- Bensons book – Selling is a Womans Game, they laid out 15 compelling reasons why women are better salespersons than men are.

Women’s ability to manage more things at once, appearance, curiosity, and attentiveness are among some of the things that makes them better marketers than men.

Women are Better Leaders and Managers than Men

Old news like a decade old: A business article in 2000 laid out the data from a collection of studies into the performance of women as executive leaders and managers. As Leaders, women rule.

New studies showed that female managers outshine their male counterparts in almost every measure. I know that lays out the bad news for the good old boys. Judged by peers, subordinates, and superiors, women outscored men on 42 of 52 performance factors.

That is not just a little better it’s significantly better. That women have crossed that performance border, but not actually been significantly rewarded in kind (remember those 15 of 500 CEOs) is due to lack of promotion.

In her must-read post on the Harvard Business Review, Sylvia Ann Hewlett talks about the tendency of women to leave for greener pastures when faced with jobs that dont challenge.

For a fact, there might be jobs that are men oriented, even such jobs are now being carried out by women.

Without doubts, we can now say that ‘It is our world’, that is, the world belongs to both the male and female folks!



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