​Relationships: Sometimes you need to take that Crown off your head and ask Her

Sometimes you need to take that crown off your head and ask her;

 “baby, how have I been leading you?”

“Are you confident in my leadership?”

“Do you trust in the direction I am taking us?”

“Can you see us making any progress?”

“Do you have other purposeful seeds you feel we should start planting instead?”

“Am I a good leader?”

“Am I really going towards the direction you naturally would love to go?”

“If I was not in your life would you still be heading this way?”

“Does it feel like I am doing this more on my own? Making all the decisions alone?”

“If this fails would you still be willing to try again with me?”

“Is this journey taking longer than it should?”

“Do you think we need some extra help?”

“Am I understanding with your feelings, or do I show too much authority as the head? ”

“Do you think I am doing enough?

Are they any areas you would love for me to improve on my leadership?”

“Do you feel like I take your opinions seriously?”

“Would you like to take the next big decision concerning us? Because I trust you.”

“Is there something else you would like to pursue other than this or in addition to this?”

Do you have any strengths or abilities that I am not giving any attention?

A good man does not sit on his throne all the time, one of his strongest quality is his ability to take down his crown and humble himself like a child before the woman in his life. Sometimes you need to get off your high horse and listen to the woman you are leading, trust me, listening to a good woman makes the job of a leader easier. 

A Marriage relationship is the only ship where you are allowed to have two committed captains, each giving a 100% to keep Titanic from sinking.

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Written by Allison Hyacintho Bisongs, Motivator, Youth Counsellor, Speaker and Blogger


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